We have split our products into a 1 to 5 range with our prices starting from £595 up to £1595. We have the most competitive prices on the market and we will not be beaten on prices.

Please rememeber regardless of which technology you choose results will vary depending upon your hearing loss the style of device chosen, they are aids not new

Entry Level

Suitable for basic needs and for people with a less demanding lifestyle.

from £595

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Basic Level

Suitable for small groups, TV and one to one.

from £895

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Mid Level

Technology with more automatic features for those requiring more than basic help.

from £1195

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Advanced Level

High end technology for people with a more demanding lifestyle, work, restaurants, tv, theatre.

from £1395

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Premium Level

Fully featured automatic devices to maximise your hearing in all situations.

from £1595

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Best Price

We will not be beaten on price. . Bring a quote to us and we will beat it.

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  • 2 YEAR Warranty on ALL instruments as standard.

  • 5 YEAR Warranty upgrade available.

  • Satisfaction guarantee for total peace of mind.

  • We offer you the choice of world leading manufacturers.

Compare our hearing aid range below by selecting a range.

  • Suitable for basic needs & for SpeechZone 2
  • Automatic Program (4 environments)
  • SmartFocus 2
  • Self learning
  • LearnNow
  • Pinna Effect
  • Binaural Phone
  • Natural Sound Balance
  • DuoLink
  • Multiband adaptive directional microphone