Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aid technology is ever changing and like all consumer electronic devices getting more advanced with every new product launched. This means if your aids are over 3 or 4 years old they can probably be improved upon. If you haven’t tried the latest technology recently you will be pleasantly surprised how small and neat they are but importantly how well they sound.

So don’t just accept what you have, come along and try these amazing new devices.

How does hearing aid technology work?

Every manufacturer is striving for perfection, their main goal is to help you hear better in noisy surroundings and other challenging environments. The latest products enable you to focus on the speech and they automatically attenuate the noise better than ever before.Additionally we now have extra devices that can connect your aids to the TV or mobile phone, some you can even pair directly with your mobile phone. Some of the latest devices now allow you to download an app to your smartphone and use it as a remote control.

  • 1. Microphone Picks up the sounds around you.
  • 2. Amplifier Increases the volume of the sounds to suit your needs.
  • 3. Speaker The processed sound is now played out back into your ear.
  • 4. Battery Powers the instrument.
  • 5. Microchip The brains behind the device, we can programme up to 350 million pieces of information per second. Tailoring the sound to your exact requirements.

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The latest technology built into our devices

Each manufacturer has their own trademarks or names for some of these features which can be confusing. Here we detail one manufacturer’s built in technology and what it does.

SpeechZone 2

Both hearing aids work together to automatically zone in on speech in the toughest listening situations.

Automatic Program

Continuously detects which listening environment you’re in, automatically making adjustments to help you hear your very best.

Smartfocus 2

Enhancements to SmartFocusTM provideanoticeable new level of listening ease in speech in noise and less distraction from everyday noises.


Automatically experience the best speech understanding or comfort as the situation demands.

Self Learning

Gradually learns your situational listening preferences and applies them automatically.


Instantly teach your hearing aids your preferences for loudness, comfort and clarity across many situations.

Pinna Effect

Corrects for the location of hearing aid microphones to provide a more natural listening experience.

Binaural Phone

Automatically hear the phone conversation in both ears to improve clarity and understanding.


nstantly suppresses sudden loud, irritating sounds without affecting speech and sounds you want to hear.